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A QR code generator for PDFs

If you want to share a PDF, QR codes make it super convenient.

Instead of uploading your PDF to a file sharing service then sharing it via email or trying to get people to type in a long link, just share it as a QR code that people can easily scan.

Three circle QR codes made with Hovercode shown side-by-side

How to share a PDF with a QR code

Upload your PDF

It can be a menu, certificate, instructions, or relevant PDF

Design your QR code

Use the standard black and white square, or go for a round QR code with your brand logo - it's up to you

Share your QR code

That's all there is to it. When people scan your QR code, they will see your PDF. If you choose to create a dynamic code, you'll be able to see how many times your QR code was scanned.

More than a QR code generator for PDFs

Hovercode lets you easily share PDFs with QR codes, but that's not all it does. Check out some of the other features that help you get the most from your QR codes

A brand logo (for Page Flows) with dots similar to the dots in a QR code

Your logo, your brand

Easily add your logo and brand colors to QR codes generated with Hovercode (for free!)

Three circle QR codes made with Hovercode shown side-by-side

Create circle QR codes

Circle QR codes tend to look better on packaging, posters, and other promo materials, so we let you use frames that make your QR codes look round

An illustration showing a QR code leading two urls, with one being active and the other being faded

Editable QR codes

Want to change the scan destinations on QR codes that you've already printed or sent to customers? That's easy with Hovercode.

A QR code being scanned and showing a destination of

Custom redirect domain

Dynamic, editable QR codes with your own redirect link so people see your domain instead of ours (e.g. instead of

Ready to take your QR codes to the next level?

Editable QR codes, scan tracking, and more.