Dynamic QR codes for your brand

Create, track, and manage dynamic QR codes for your brand

Square or circle png/jpeg, max size 1Mb


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Upgrade your QR codes

Powerful features that help you get more from QR codes

A brand logo (for Page Flows) with dots similar to the dots in a QR code

Your logo, your brand

Easily add your logo and brand colors to QR codes generated with Hovercode (for free!)

Three circle QR codes made with Hovercode shown side-by-side

Create circle QR codes

Circle QR codes tend to look better on packaging, posters, and other promo materials, so Hovercodes can be round

An illustration showing a QR code leading two urls, with one being active and the other being faded

Dynamic scan destinations

Want to change the scan destinations on QR codes that you've already printed or sent to customers? That's easy with Hovercode.

An illustration of a chart

Tracking & analytics

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns with simple QR code tracking and analytics

Custom domains

A QR code being scanned and showing a destination of qr.yourwebsite.com

Keep the power of dynamic QR codes while using your own domain. Instead of people seeing our shortlink when scanning hovercodes (e.g. hov.to or scanqr.to), they'll see your website link and will know that they can trust the QR code.