UTM Builder

UTM parameters can be added to links to enrich your Google Analytics data with more details about where traffic came from.

Use this UTM builder to easily add UTM parameters to links before using them in marketing campaigns. It's a great way to track traffic from QR code campaigns in Google Analytics.

Many other analytics providors support UTM parameters (e.g. Fathom Analytics, Plausible)

These parameters are required for Google Analytics

Used to identify a particular marketing campaign (e.g. black_friday, easter_sale)
Used to identify which medium is sending traffic (e.g. email, print, social)
Used to identify the source of traffic (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, poster_qr, leaflet_qr, newsletter etc)
Optional UTM parameters
An ID, for exmaple the ID of the ad campaign the link is used in
Used for search adverts to keep track of search terms (e.g. dentist+near+me)
Used for ads that point to the same url, but with different ad contents (e.g. vairant_1)