Dynamic QR codes with editing & tracking, your logo, PDFs, and more - all on the free plan!

The free plan

$0 /mo

  • 10 dynamic QR codes

    Advanced QR codes with editing & scan tracking

  • Unlimited scans

    Your QR codes won't expire after a certain number of scans or months

  • 30 days of scan history

    See how many times your QR codes have been scanned in the last 30 days

  • Unlimited static codes

    Create as many static codes as you want (QR codes without editing & tracking)

  • Add your logo

    Add your brand logo to your QR codes for free

  • Advanced design customization

    Create truly unique QR code designs for your brand

  • PDF QR codes

    Upload PDFs and share them as QR codes

  • Save as templates

    Save your designs as templates so it's easier & faster to make QR codes with the same design

  • More QR code types

    Create QR codes for vCards, App Store Links, WiFi, and more

Upgrade for more dynamic QR codes, custom domains, collaboration, and more

12 months for the price of 10 when you pay annually


$120 /yr

Save $24 compared to paying monthly

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What's included


$390 /yr

Save $78 compared to paying monthly

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What's included

  • 600 dynamic QR codes per month
  • 100 multi-link pages
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited scan history
  • 10 custom domains
  • Scan locations
  • GPS tracking
  • API access
  • Bulk QR code generator
  • CSV exports
  • Up to 10 team members & team management

Business Plus

$990 /yr

Save $198 compared to paying monthly

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What's included

  • 2,000 dynamic QR codes per month
  • 400 multi-link pages
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited scan history
  • 50 custom domains
  • Scan locations
  • GPS tracking
  • API access
  • Bulk QR code generator
  • CSV exports
  • Up to 25 team members & team management
  • Multiple workspaces (up to 10)
  • Webhooks

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Frequently asked questions

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Do my QR codes expire?

We don't expire QR codes on any of our plans, including the free plan.

Do you run ads when people scan my QR codes?


What is a "dynamic" QR code?

Regular QR codes (static) can’t be updated once they’re created, whereas dynamic QR codes allow you to update the scan destination after they have been created and printed.

With dynamic QR codes, you can also see stats & analytics like how often they are scanned.

Static QR codes have the scan destination encoded directly in them. Dynamic QR codes work by encoding a redirect link in the QR code that immediately redirect the user to the scan destination. The redirect is what enables the features like editing & tracking.

What is the custom domain feature and what's the benefit of it?

Dynamic QR codes enable you to edit your scan destination after print and see stats and analytics about how your QR codes perform. They do this by making use of redirect links (learn more about how they work here)

By default, we use our own domains for those redirect links (e.g. scango.to or hov.to) so when people scan your dynamic QR codes, they see those domains. After scanning the code, they are almost instantly redirected to your scan destination.

The custom domain feature allows you to connect your own domain so it can be used for the redirect links in your dynamic QR codes. That way when people scan your codes, they see your domain (e.g. qr.yourwebsite.com) instead of one of our default ones.

This feature allows you to benefit from the power of dynamic codes, while still making sure your brand is shown when people scan your QR codes.

It's not a vital feature, but it's a nice touch, especially if you want your brand to be front and centre when people interact with your QR codes.

Is there a limit on the number of static codes I can create on each plan?

Nope. The QR code limits are for dynamic codes. Learn more about static vs dynamic codes here.

How many short links can I create?

Short links are counted as dynamic QR codes, so if your plan includes 100 dynamic QR codes, you can create a total of 100 dynamic QR codes or short links (e.g. 80 dynamic QR codes and 20 short links)

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time right from your settings screen.

If I subscribe and then cancel, what happens to my QR codes?

If you're not using our custom domain feature, any QR codes you created while on a premium plan will continue to work as normal when people scan them. You will no longer be able to edit the scan destination or view stats/analytics for QR codes beyond the last 10 you created.

If you are using our custom domain feature, your custom domain will be removed from our system when your subscription runs out. This will cause the QR codes that use your custom domain to stop working unless you migrate them to another provider or your own system.

Your static QR codes will continue to work as normal

What information can I see for tracked QR codes?

For each dynamic QR code, you can see the total scans and the unique scans (if one person scans a code multiple times, that counds as one unique scan).

For each scan, you can see the time of the scan, the device & browser that was used, and the estimated location (city & country).

What location details can I see from scans?

By default, the scan location is an estimate of the city and country. It's not always accurate, but can give you a good idea of how your campaigns are performing in some areas vs others.

We are working on offering more accurate scanning location data that would require the scanner to agree to share their location.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?