Dynamic QR code generators to future-proof your business

QR codes have experienced a surge in popularity for the past few years. Just ask anyone with a smartphone. There’s a good chance they will recognize these black square-shaped codes.

During the pandemic, businesses have learned just how valuable a tool it is for driving growth and generating revenue. According to a study by Statista, over 59% of US consumers believed that QR codes would remain a permanent part of their digital lives.

To prepare for the future, you must consider integrating dynamic QR codes into your business. It’s a whole lot easier than you might think!

Let's compare QR code generators that you can use to add these handy codes to your business swiftly and simply.

What are dynamic QR codes?

There are two types of QR codes: static and dynamic.

Static QR Codes

A static QR code cannot be edited once it's been generated.

For example, if you add a URL of a webpage to a static QR code, it’s there forever. If you have to change the URL for whatever reason, you need to generate a completely new QR code and discard the old one.

Dynamic QR Codes

In contrast, you can edit a dynamic QR code after it has been generated. You can still embed links and messages to the QR code as usual.

Want to change the page your dynamic QR code leads to? You can do that with a click.

Aside from being editable, there are other benefits that dynamic QR codes have that a static ones don't. You can password protect dynamic code, and track the number of people who scanned them. You can even learn what type of device people use to scan them!

Their ubiquity, flexibility, and relative simplicity is making them a popular option for companies and brands. Make sure you’re not left behind.

5 top dynamic QR code generators for your business

You’ll find dozens of different QR code companies vying for your attention with a simple Google search, but there’s only a handful of companies that you can count on to provide you with secure and reliable service.

And here are their names!


We're not trying to pat ourselves on the back. Still, we are confident that we offer a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use dynamic QR-generation platform that has the added benefit of making it easy to create stylish round QR codes.

Hovercode is a platform built to be your one-stop shop for all your QR-related needs. Our platform can take care of all three “needs” that any business would have regarding QRs: generating, editing, and tracking.

QR Code Production & Customization

You can freely generate QR codes with your brand’s logo and name attached to them for easier access by consumers.

Hovercode QR code generator

Alternatively, you can generate and customize QR codes to embed into posters, packaging, and promo materials. We have an option to create sleek-looking circular QR codes that look more aesthetically pleasing to many.

Suppose you prefer the more traditional square-shaped, black-and-white code. In that case, that option is also available and is only a click away.

Three round QR codes

You can apply custom domains to the QR codes, too. It not only makes your codes far more professional, but it’s also a way to verify that your webpage is authentic and build trust.

This function is available on our paid plans.

QR custom domain illustration

Editing & Tracking - Analytics

The true bread-and-butter of our tool is the dynamic code editing and tracking-analytic functions.

From your Hovercode dashboard, you can manage all the QR codes you have generated and edit them if you want to change their contents.

As we mentioned earlier, dynamic QR codes allow you to track and analyze each code’s performance. You can do this through Hovercode!

Because customer information (and your information) are all extremely sensitive, Hovercode makes sure to protect your data. Our personal data storage is compliant with the EU’s GDPR and security is always up to the latest standards.


We offer four different tiers, available in monthly or yearly billing options.

Hovercode pricing plans

Want to take Hovercode for a test? A free tier is available that allows you to generate ten free QR codes and complete access to our tracking and analytic modules. You also have an unlimited number of QR scans. It is an offering that most other QR code companies won’t give you.

To take advantage of more advanced features, you have to subscribe to one of three paid plans.


Beaconstac is a decent alternative if you need a tool to handle a mobile-centric marketing campaign. It will also do your campaign a lot of good if you adopt a multi-channel approach to marketing.

Besides a standard QR-code generating system, Beaconstac provides different marketing solutions like geofencing, beacon, and NFC tokens.

Their QR code generator can create good-looking static QRs with your brand’s logo and name on top. As expected, Beaconstac also allows you to manage and keep track of these QRs with their tool.

You can also create dynamic QR codes with Beaconstac, but this feature is only available to paid users.


Beaconstac pricing

Their pricing is pretty standard, but notably, Beaconstac has a hard (albeit high) limit on the number of scans you can do. Other tools, like Hovercode, give you unlimited scans.

QR Tiger

QR Tiger is a service many businesses have used to create bulk QR codes. Their generator is written so you can rapidly make hundreds of unique codes. From what we have found, QR Tiger’s system does a decent job of allowing you to customize, manage, and analyze your QRs.

QRtiger QR code generator

However, there’s a glaring issue that has been plaguing QR Tiger’s customers. Their dashboard is way too complicated and dated. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the cluttered interface with buttons, bars, and icons all over the screen.


QRtiger pricing

There are other issues with QR Tiger, as well. For instance, with a 500 scan limit, you won’t find much use for this tool on the free tier. The company pushes very hard for you to subscribe to their plans.


Scanova is a platform that provides very good QR analytics. Additionally, they also offer excellent QR security. Their codes are GDPR-compliant, meaning you can use them abroad in the EU.

Because the tracking metadata for QR codes can contain sensitive information, an excellent QR-generating tool should have tight security. Scanova provides that with SSO (Single Sign-on) login.

But while the tool does great in analytics and security, its QR design and generation module are lackluster.

You don’t have many QR types of customization options to pick from, unlike tools such as Hovercode, which gives you complete control over the appearance and aesthetic of the generated codes. This is a glaring disadvantage if you use QR codes for marketing or branding purposes.


Scanova pricing

The pricing structure of Scanova doesn’t look very appealing. It offers four paid tiers in total. However, the first tier only allows you to create 5 QR codes simultaneously. At $15 for the Lite tier, each QR code costs you $3. To many people, that’s simply unacceptable.

If you need to create more, you need to upgrade to pricier plans.

In contrast, Hovercode allows you to create an unlimited number of QR codes from the business tier, no-string-attached.

QR Code Generator Pro

Similar to Hovercode, QR Code Generator Pro provides all of the essential features you expect and want from a QR-creation and management platform. With this service, you can design, deploy, and manage dynamic QR codes with relative ease.

This one still needs much work compared to other QR code companies and services. While its QR design module is well-developed, it lacks several valuable functions, like the ability to create circular QR codes.

But when you subscribe to a service that is as important to your business as a QR code generator, you will probably expect top-tier customer support.

Unfortunately, users have been putting QR Code Generator Pro’s customer support on blast for a long time. Many users sent emails and messages to the company’s customer support department for help, receiving no answer in return.

They have many other issues, like not notifying users before auto-renewal kicks in. Worse, they don’t offer refunds.

QR Code Generator Pro Pricing


Their subscription plans look cheap initially, especially when you focus on the “Starter” QR code price tier. But if you read the fine print below, they only give you slots for two dynamic QR codes and a limited amount of scans (10,000). It’s not a good deal, even at $5.

That and their notoriety for lack of customer support may give you pause before you sign up.

Searching for the ultimate dynamic QR code generator?

QR codes will only become more and more popular as customers digitalize. It's a perfect time to experiment with dynamic QR codes and learn how they can improve your business.

As you can see, not every QR code service is made equal. Compare and contrast each of the services above and pick out one that works best for you. So far, many Hovercode customers are happy with our platform and prefer our more comprehensive plans and our helpful customer support!

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