Changing the destination of a QR Code + best practices

According to BlueBite, between 2018 and 2020, QR code reach grew by 96%. This digital tool is now a staple in any user experience and digital marketing strategy, and it is crucial that marketers and business owners use the technology to its fullest.

Too often, people will take a short-sighted view and create a static QR code that cannot be updated over time. It is essential to learn about the opportunities to redirect existing QR codes. Setting yourself up for success from the beginning can save you time and resources. At Hovercode, we offer end-to-end dynamic QR code production that is easy to use.

Many business owners wonder, can you change a QR code link? How do you edit and redirect a QR code destination? Those are the questions we'll answer in this article.

What Is an editable QR Code?

There are two types of QR codes: dynamic and static. With a dynamic QR code, there are numerous benefits, primarily that you can change QR code destinations, eliminating the need to reprint or recreate your QR codes.

You cannot edit a static QR code; however. Once you create it, you cannot change the destination of the URL. With platforms like Hovercode, you can create dynamic QR codes that can be updated dynamically and tracked.

Dynamic QR codes have a short URL embedded in the code that redirects to your URL, allowing you to change that URL without changing the code itself.

With static QR codes, your URL is directly embedded into the pattern, so you cannot update the destination.

Editable QR code benefits

Creating dynamic, rather than static, QR codes is beneficial to your business because they are:

  • Changeable: With a dynamic QR code, your products can evolve with your business's digital presence. If you update a menu, website, or product page, you can bring the QR code with you in the process without creating a new one with each change.
  • Trackable: You can track the scans and user data associated with the QR code to integrate the information into the rest of your business analytics strategy.
  • Insightful: The data can be used to gain valuable insights about the demographics of your users, their location, preferences, and behavior on your site to drive new marketing campaign decisions and more.
  • Integrated: Dynamic QR codes can be linked with Google analytics so that those insights will be streamlined into the rest of your digital strategy.

Economical: Because you can update the URL associated with the code, you avoid having to reprint menus, cups, signs, posters, and other merchandise that feature the QR code every time you want to make a change. The features of dynamic QR codes save money and time.

How does it work?

So, what makes a dynamic QR code different from a static QR code? What is the technology behind updating the URL of an editable code?

  • A static QR code directly holds the information of the destination it is linked to. That website URL is encoded directly into the code's pattern, making it impossible to update without changing the QR code altogether.
  • On the other hand, a dynamic code is directed to a server or host URL that remains constant. That URL is what links to the ultimate web destination. This means that the pattern directly encoded into the QR code can remain constant as it links to a redirector site, allowing you to update the end destination without changing the pattern of the code. Scanning the code automatically redirects the user to the endpoint, so you don't have to worry about the intermediary server location.

How to edit the destination of QR codes in Hovercode

When you create a QR code using our tools, you can customize, modify, and update the destination endlessly over time. Here's how it works:

1 - Start by creating a new QR code through our code generator.

Here’s a link to our homepage, where you can generate the code.

2 - Use your branding

Insert your URL destination (which you can update in the future), choose a square or circle code, a color, and a customized logo. Our QR code styling options allow your brand to truly tailor the appearance in a way that fits your style.

Screenshot of the Hovercode QR code generator

You can easily add logos, icons, and color varieties to your QR codes with Hovercode, as we work to offer a platform to enhance your marketing, branding, and outreach strategies. Our QR codes are default set to circles, but you can opt to create a square to suit your visual preferences. We work with you to make the most streamlined look that fits your branding needs while serving as a long-term tool that can adapt and grow with your business.

Square and circle QR codes

3 - Create your QR code

Download the code and attach it wherever you need, including signs, posters, menus, and merchandise like stickers, notebooks, water bottles, and t-shirts.

4 - Track your QR code

Log on to see details about who is scanning the code, where from, at what times, and how they use your website once they visit it. Track analytics on an ongoing basis to see your progress and explore what is working and what is not connecting with your audience and viewers.

5 - Update the URL

All you have to do is log onto our site and input a new URL destination into your saved QR code. From there, you don't even have to download it again because all of the updates happen on the back-end with no changes to the physical and visual look of the code. This QR modifier allows you to consistently update your marketing approach without any wasted time, money, or materials.

Use cases: When and why would I change the destination of my QR code?

There are numerous occasions and use cases to optimize the use of a QR code and update its destination. Here are a few that we recommend:

  • Sale: If your eCommerce site is hosting a sale, you can use the QR code to direct users to a sale page, offer a coupon, or create a temporary landing page that you can update for each season or launch. You can then change the URL destination, so that people who interacted with you on your previous campaigns can be redirected to the new campaign.
  • Restaurant menu: Updating a QR code destination is a perfect solution to updating seasonal or weekly restaurant menus, whether you are printing the QR code on menus on each table, on the door, or putting it on merchandise for a direct link to seasonal specials.
  • Real estate property: If you are a realtor, you can redirect existing QR codes to point to new and updated properties and features. Or you can create individualized QR codes for each client, linking them to a page of customized content that you update on a daily or weekly basis according to the market.
  • Business location change: Use a QR code to lead customers and visitors to a map or set of directions to your business and allow it to be updated when you move locations or open new branches.
  • E-commerce social media link: Link the QR code to an Instagram or TikTok account and have the freedom to change its destination according to where you are offering the most valuable and meaningful content at a given time.
  • Event marketing: If you have QR codes related to a live events (that direct people to ticket purchases, agendas etc), you can update the QR code once the event is over to direct people to a review request page, an event summary, or a landing page for your next event.
  • Digital marketing-specific goals: If you set out targets to gain followers on a specific account, have outlined a need to improve conversion rates, email newsletter signups, or any other KPIs, use your QR code redirect as a tool to achieve that goal and drive traffic to the destination of choice.

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